The Grade of “D” Is No Longer a Passing Grade!

Primary School Students 

For Students

  • I will bring my best effort to learn every day in all my classes.
  • I will be honest with my teachers and parents about how persistent I am in learning rigorous and relevant knowledge and skills that will prepare me for success in the 21st century.
  • I will learn to reflect upon my classroom experiences and share with my teachers and parents those characteristics that encourage me to give my best effort in learning and be successful.
  • I will share, when necessary, with caring, appropriate adults in a confidential manner those life experiences within and outside of school that make bringing my best effort to learning a great challenge.
  • I will actively participate in my learning (learning by doing).
  • I will learn to be an independent thinker and work collaboratively with others.
  • I will act responsibly to show progress over time in achieving our school or district’s learning goals related to Collaboration, Civility, Career Preparation, Core Content Literacy (math, reading, science, and social studies), Critical Thinking, Written Communication, Oral Communication, and Technology Literacy. (school / district specific)

Mother And Teen Son Work In Kitchen On Laptop 

For Parents/Primary Caregivers

  • Be my child's most important and influential life's teacher.
  • Regard myself as a key and equal partner with my child's school.
  • Believe that academic success is most dependent upon the amount of best effort my child applies to his/her learning, both within and outside of school, and commitment of their school to teach them the necessary content and skills to act as a lifelong learner.
  • Ensure that my child will place a high priority on being successful in school by providing an environment at home that is physically and emotionally safe.
  • Encourage my child to reflect on how he/she learns best and share relevant information with my child’s teachers that can maximize their potential to experience academic success and growth.
  • Strive to be a positive problem-solver with my child’s school when my child experiences frustration in learning.
  • Success for my child is the only option for which I plan, work, and provide in my child’s time away from school.
  • Realize that active parent involvement throughout a student’s K-12 education results in the most successful students.